Hello. Welcome to etoilemarks, a random lyric translation website.

Please read the warning below before checking out my translations, transcriptions, and notes. Thank you and have a nice day!

Warning Note

My translations are stiffly translated, and are very prone to being highly incorrect..What these lyrics were back in the day was of me finding untranslated lyrics at the time and translating them as a source of practice and leisure.

Early on, I was silly enough to believe that literal = better.. which is totally untrue, and now I’m very sorry for it! As a result, I ended up sharing extremely poor lyric translations to the internet. I was surprised to see them being utilized outside of it.

Therefore, I want to remind you that they are only best used as aids. You may borrow the source lyrics and romaji, but don’t forget to credit the original sources, as most are not necessarily collected through my efforts. But please do not use my translations, beause they aren’t good for further use.

Instead, I insist that you cross-reference and interpret with other translations whenever possible. By now, most of these lyrics have better translations out there, so please seek them and please forget this little place of mine, haha. Thank you!!